Domination of Asia Pacific

"Domination of Asia Pacific" is a culture project that I am working on right now. It describes how gender, race, class and sexuality are involved in the military and diplomatic policies of United States of Asia Pacific area. When discussing those topics, we tend to focus on what happened within our country and forget about what's happening overseas. Today, Asia Pacific is probably the most important area in terms of geopolitics and economy. Generals and officers in pentagon claim that US military force and foreign policy is the cornerstone for the security and economic development of Asia Pacific area. This dominant ideology is partially correct but it cloaks many problems related with US army and policy in Asia Pacific such as racism, heteropatriarchy and capitalism. This project aims at using images, texts and sounds to unveil the another counter-hegemonic side of United States' domination on Asia Pacific. US foreign policies and military deployment upon Asia Pacific is an extremely complex issue. Due to time limitation, this project is just a brief summary of major events happening in Asia Pacific related with US foreign policy and military deployment.

United States military bases in Asia Pacific area


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