1945 Step one: Tokyo Trial (東京裁判) : Now Let's Work with Fascists to defend Communism!

United States' foreign policy and military Asia began on 1945, the end of Pacific War. The United States defeated Japan after the nuclear strike on Hiroshima (広島市) and  Nagasaki (長崎市) .

Figure 1: Left: Nuclear explosion in Hiroshima, photoed by Necessary Evil or plane #91 which participated the nuclear bombardment, photoed on 08/06/1945. Right: Nuclear Explosion in Nagasaki, photoed by Charles Levy on 08/09/1945

Figure 2: Kishi as a Class A War Criminal in Sugamo prison, photoed in 1946 

Tokyo Trial (officially called as "International Military tribunal for the Far East") is not a trial about justice but about interest. Japanese Emperor Hirohito and many fascist military prisoners became free of charge after collaborating with US army. Kishi Nobusuke (岸信介) was the most famous collaborator with US army during Tokyo Trial.

Kishi Nobusuke: America's favorite Japanese war criminal and prime minister (1960)

Figure 3: Kishi as a prime minister showing up on the cover page of time magazine

Kishi used to be the economic manager of "Manchukuo"[1], the puppy state of Great Japan Empire before the WWII. He was impressed by Frederick Winslow Tylor's management theory and Soviet Union's five-year plan[2]. Kishi forced Chinese workers to pave railway and work in the coal mine for the rapid industrialization of Manchukuo, which is the "puppet regime" supported by Japan in Manchuria and ultimately serve for the interest of Japan. Kishi's friend Matsuoka Yousuke controlled South Manchurian Railway company[3], which exploited tremendous resources from Manchuria for the rapid militarization of Japan. In 1931, bombardment incident on South Manchurian Railway became the pretext for Japan's total war with China[4].

Kishi visited Nazi German in 1930s and later on joined Tojo's cabinet[5]. He was one of the main leaders in the cabinet of militarized Japan during World War II until the defeat on Saipan. Known for his brutal rule of Manchuria, he was called Shōwa no yōkai (demon in the age of Showa) (昭和の妖怪)[6].He was classified as "Class A war criminals" by the allies.

However, he successfully escaped from Tokyo Trial with the help of President Truman and General McArthur from Sugamo prison. President Truman and General McArthur considered that Japan would be a barrier against communism on Pacific Ocean if they forgive those war criminals and let them control Japan. As a reward to the help from US army, Kishi forced the pass of Treaty of Mutual Cooperation Security between the United States and Japan (日本国とアメリカ合衆国との間の相互協力及び安全保障条約) although this treaty was protested against by massive Japanese citizens. An organized opposition  called "People's Council to Stop the Revised Security Treaty" were formed by hundreds of organizations against the treaty including labor union, farmer's and teacher's union, women's organizations, the Socialist and Communist parties, anti-nuclear groups and many other organizations[7].

Another infamous war criminal free of charge was Ishii Shiro (石井四郎). He was the doctor in unit 731 who performed various human experiments and launched so many biological weapons in China including anthrax and black death[8]. He was also planning to strike San Diego [9] but his plan was cancelled due to Japan's surrender.

However, as well as Kishi, he was also free of any suit or trial since he decided to collaborate with US army to give advice on bioweapons of the immunity. Collaborations with United States not only saved their lives, but also gave them tremendously huge political resource. Kishi's family is probably the most important political family in Japan. His brother Sato Eisaku (佐藤 栄作) became prime minister in 1964 and his grandson is today's Japanese prime minister, Abe Shinzuo (安倍晋三). In another word, United States supported the whole family of WWII war criminal to become prime minister of Japan in order to defend against Soviet Union's influence in East Asia. What is worst is that with the help of United States, Sato and Abe were unabashed about their worship of war criminal and militarization of Japan by visiting yasukuni shrine (靖国神社). It would be unimaginable if the grandson of Adolf Hitler or Hermann Wilhelm Goring's family become the prime minister of Germany and advocate remilitarization of Germany. However, this is what's happening in East Asia in the name of anti-communism and America's interest.

Abe Shinzuo: Grandson of Kishi Nobusuke

Figure 5: Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke with his grandson Abe Shinzuo in 1957

Figure 6: Abe visited his grandfather's grave in 2016:

Figure 7: Douglas MacArthur (right) and Japanese emperor Hirohito (left), who is the true emperor of Japan?

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